2022 Senior sessions $240

Meet the senior squad 2021

I love photographing highschool seniors! They are absolutely my favorite sessions that I have the opportunity to do. For the Class of 2021, I wanted to bring a group of highschool seniors together to do a fun session and showcase these beautiful souls and so the SENIOR SQUAD 2021 was born.

Meet Nick, Sarah, Rylie, Sydni, Taylor, Kaitlyn, Ethan, Madison, Haylie, Savannah & Kalee

Senior Year 2021

If last years senior class taught us anything it was to cherish every moment, be adaptable and make the best of the situation. The Class of 2020 has passed the torch to the Class of 2021. As they are getting ready to embark on their senior year it will be hard not to notice that their enviornment is not quite what they looked forward to over the past 11 years. While their school year may look and feel different than expected, there are opportunites out there and memories to be made! Enjoy your senior year Class of 2021 and live life to the fullest!!!

Maddie- Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve