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My husband Chris and I were married in the small town of Hunker PA in July 2000. We were young in our careers and didn't have much of a savings and did our best to put together our wedding. We sacrificed a lot back then. We ate a lot of Ramen Noodles and Hamburger Helper and our big date nights were the local drive in theater or watching studio wrestling in our living room. Our wedding photography budget was just $300 and even in the early 2000's that didn't buy much. The photographer we hired got the shots at the church and a few at the start of the reception. I remember asking him if he could get photos of my Dad and I dancing and he replied that he could stage us dancing but that I did not pay for him to stay until that part of the reception. It was heartbreaking to know that I could not afford to capture the memories that I would hold dear for many, many years. We bought the proofs but could never afford to buy any photos to hang on the wall or give to loved ones. My mother still comments to this day that she doesn't have a wedding photo of us. 

​My mission has become to capture memories for my clients and to remain budget friendly. My goal is to give my clients memories they will be able to cherish for years to come no matter what their budget is. With each session my mission remains the same; capture, capture, capture. If I am blessed enough to capture your memories, you will receive all of your edited digital images and a print release so you will never have to have the heartbreak of not owning your memories.  

​As the years have come and gone, we no longer live off of Ramen Noodles and Hamburger Helper. We now live off of pizza, which I would never complain about (I love pizza!). I currently live in Greensburg with my husband and two children. I am an animal lover and share my home with six wiener dogs, four cats and a miniature pig and in December 2020 I rescued a cow names Teddy who now lives at a local sanctuary.

​Taking pictures of my clients is a true blessing and I am so thankful for the trust that each of them gives to me.

I look forward to scheduling a session with you soon!

Credit: Melissa Urban

Credit: Diane Kammerer

Credit: Tiana Vucina

Credit: Lori Kaczmarek

Credit: Lisa Herrle

Credit: Lori Kaczmarek

Credit: Karen Maury

Credit: Tiana Vucina

Behind the scenes with julie...photos compliments of my amazing clients ❤️